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Hongfa Quality Management Institute was established in 2009 in response to implement the management principles of “planning in unification, strengthening in centralization, combination with horizontal and vertical strategies and implementation with blocks”. It is an integral part of the human resource planning of Hongfa group and serves as an education training platform that provides high-quality service to the implementation of Hongfa development strategy as well as production, operation, management, customer service and technical progress.

The institute is located in Hongfa Donglin plant with a total area of 300 enough to hold lectures for 200 people at the same time.

Ever since its establishment, Quality Management Institute has been sticking to the principle of “training quality is the lifeline” and conducting training courses for line leaders, process technicians and process monitors on the relay production line as the entry point. The institute does a serious analysis of position competency structure, pays special attention to demand research, course planning, training organization, performance evaluation and spares no efforts to develop high-quality courses. Since late September of 2011, the Institute has completed the development of 33 courses, held 169 training courses successfully involving more than 9000 trainees and built up a team of 20 lecturers inside the company.

According to the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the sales revenue of Hongfa group will exceed 8 billion RMB by 2020 and we anticipate to become a “10 billion” enterprise and a world leading relay manufacturer. This ambitious goal has endowed the Institute with a new task and higher requirement. We will proceed in accordance with the company spirit of “Persevere for progress; Strive for excellence”and firmly stick to the guiding principle of “training quality is the lifeline”. We will continuously improve our training quality in an effort to expedite the realization of our development goal.

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